Plastics are one of the most versatile raw materials. And there is not just one plastic, there are many different types in circulation, each with its own specific characteristics. We use plastics because they are durable, strong, wear-resistant, light, safe, hygienic, versatile and yet inexpensive. This makes them ideally suited for many useful and diverse applications. Plastics are therefore an indispensable part of our contemporary society.

But can plastics play a fully-fledged role in a circular economy? At Plarebel we are convinced of this. In fact, we are committed to driving positive change for a more sustainable future for plastics. Because through smart design, sorting and recycling, we can process plastics into high-quality reusable raw materials. And by using more recycled plastics for new products, we become circular in every respect. And that is exactly what Plarebel is committed to: supporting organisations and companies to use and reuse plastic in a healthy, environmentally friendlyand efficient way. And thus play a valuable role in a circular economy.


Responsible use of plastic may seem like a contradiction, but it is not. Do you sometimes struggle with unclear information about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic and the way in which a circular economy exactly functions?



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